Ted's Blog: The Champs Are Back!

March 3, 2017

The Champions of MLS are back this weekend as our Seattle Sounders FC kick off the season on Saturday. As the MLS season kicks off, it is so much fun to say that Sounders are the reigning champions and I can't wait to see that banner raise when they have their first home game. Speaking of that, it does seem odd that we don't have a home game on opening weekend. I don't often give the NFL a ton of props for things, but having the club that won the championship the year before open the season is great. Just seems to me, if you win the championship, you should get that first home game and a chance to raise that banner. I have never actually been to a game where they raise the banner for a championship. I am sure a few of you Seahawk fans know the feeling of seeing that banner for the first time. Now when that game does happen on March 19th, the stadium will be rocking and I can't wait!

Now. the other crazy thing this year is that the Sounders got so hot at the end of last year. I hope it stays that way. The year before, the Portland Timbers won the MLS Cup then failed to make the playoffs this past season, but I don't see that happening to the Sounders. The team added some key players last Summer and I feel like the boys really gelled and that cohesion will still be there. Clint Dempsey is healthy and ready to rock as well which should be huge plus to the offense. Honestly, I do think the Sounders are going to have another great year and continue the streak of making the playoffs every year. The MLS season is a long one, but I am very happy to have Sounders back.