Ted's blog: College Football Playoff

December 6, 2016

    Years ago with college football there was a uncertainty with who was the actual national champion. Look if you live in the Seattle area or are just a Washington Huskies fan you know this all to well with the '91 shared national title with Miami. See for years and they still do bowl games have tie ins with certain conferences and the team's had to play in those bowls but it was not always the top two teams playing each other.  Miami and Washington should have played for the title and it would have been easily settled but Washington as the Pac 12 champs had to play in the Rose bowl against a Big Ten opponent as Miami was playing in the Orange Bowl. This was just the way it was always done in college football and some would argue that is what made every week so important. My only argument to that would be that in this year of '91 we had two undefeated team and a shared national champion.   


    College football has been trying to figure out for years how to decide how to make a no argument system where they can crown a national champion. So for a while we had the BCS and that still did not really settle it and people wanted a playoff system. Now we have said playoff system that is pretty ingeniously named the College Football Playoff, I cannot confirm if it was started by the Dr.Pepper guy. So this year in the playoff Washington made it and for good reason people are fired up. Some around the country people have lost some faith in the Pac 12 and were not sure if Washington should be in. I am a Maryland fan and they are in the Big Ten but in no way should one conference even the Big Ten have three teams in the playoff. I am old school so I think that you have to win your conference to get in the playoff. Now that Washington is in they have drawn a match-up with the number one team in all the land in Alabama. Most people are giving the Huskies no chance but I think they do have a good chance and want them to win. I will go more in depth on this in later blogs but the fact in simple that Alabama has not faced a passing offense like Huskies. I think most Pac 12 fans will be cheering for the Huskies and if nothing else lets have someone beat Alabama.