Ted's Blog: College Football Trip 2 Utah

November 1, 2016

    On my personal journey this is year to see different college football games and stadiums I went to Salt Lake City. Last Saturday was a big one for the Utah Utes as they were playing the Washington Huskies. Now I had a friend that I flew down with who was a big Huskies fan and the other buddy i met down there is a big Utah fan. We took a early flight to get there and it was cool to see all the Huskies on the plane wearing all their purple on the plane. Once we landed we went straight to the stadium and got to catch the end of College Gameday and see Lee Corso put on the mascot head.

    Now as a big college football fan it was awesome to finally see Coach Corso finally put on the mascot head in person. After we watched the end of that we headed over to the tailgate area and tried to find some fun times aka beers and a grill. The power of twitter came through as a guy named Conor had tweeted me saying he and his buddies were hosting a tailgate. I sent him a DM and he let me know where they were, we walked over to the big party lot and saw a giant Washington tailgate with a bunch of purple and had found our tailgate. His boy Andy was dressed up as Sasquatch and invited us in. It was a great time, plenty of cold beers and a shotski with fireball. They also had already cooked breakfast burritos and after that burgers were fired up on the grill. Some people were dressed in Halloween costumes and the tailgate was as the kids say lit AF. 


    So we head into the game early so we can check out the pregame festivities and see how the Utes run onto the field. I should also mention that is maybe the best weather I have ever seen at a college game, it was low 70's and sunny. The game itself was awesome as well, at first the Huskies got out to quick 14-0 lead and I thought this might be a blowout I wonder if Andy is still out at the tailgate but not so fast my friends. The Utes mounted a great second half and the game was won on a punt return for a touchdown near the end of the game. It was overall a great time and if you like college football I highly recommend checking out a game in Utah. The people were super nice and friendly and the food at Red Iguana was killer.