Ted's Blog: College Hoops

February 10, 2017

So now that football is over, I hear you asking what to watch. Well, for this is the time of year for College Basketball. Most of the conferences are in the prime of there conference schedule and the games are heating up. I grew up in College Park, Maryland so I am a big Maryland Terps fan, and they are pretty good this year in the Big Ten. It has not been the best year for basketball in Washington State. The Huskies are not very good, but I have still been watching them. Their superstar freshman went to the greatest high school in the country, DeMatha Catholic, where I went. Washington State has been better than Washington but neither school is really having a great year.

College basketball also has some great traditions and some very hard places to play. Just the other night was Duke vs. North Carolina and that has to be the biggest rivalry in college basketball. Even a team like Duke who has the natural rival like North Carolina still has plenty of big games in the ACC. If you go to say, Kentucky, and watch a game they have a whole different set of college traditions and crazy fans as well. Hell, right now one of the toughest places to play has got to be in Spokane. The Gonzaga Bulldogs are the number one team in the country and they have a very intimating place to play. College hoops are a ton of fun and, for me, it's the time to lock in since March Madness is around the corner!