Ted's Blog: A Day at the VMAC

November 9, 2016

    Last weekend I got a very cool opportunity to see the Seattle Seahawks go through their final walk trough before the game on Monday night against the Buffalo Bills. As some of you may know besides just doing the Mens Room I also host a couple podcast. One podcast is my own that I call Thee Podcast, but I also host one with Steve Migs from the morning show called The Megacast. Somewhere along the line I don't remember how but Migs became friends Seahawks tight end Luke Willson and he comes on The Megacast once in a while. Well this time around after doing the podcast Luke asked us if we were interested in watching the walk though on Sunday morning and we jumped at the chance.


    I have never seen a pro team of any sorts run an in season practice like that and it was awesome. I have seen training camp before but watching the walk through the day before the game was completely different. First I will say Pete Carroll has a great energy and is a hell of a coach. The pace of the practice was fast but pretty loose. Everyone was in a good mode and having fun, the club was loose and ready to play. After practice we went for a tour of the whole facility, it might be the nicest work space I have ever seen but then again that might just be because I am a sports fan. Part of the tour involved running into Jimmy Graham in the hot tub where he was shirtless obviously since he was in the hot tub. Jimmy is by far the biggest and most cut up man I have ever seen in my life. Side note he had a great game and maybe just because he ran into me.