Ted's Blog: Daytona 500

February 24, 2017

I'm going to come right out and say this, I don't really watch NASCAR. I do, however, get that a large number of people love it. So, let's talk racing! I might not be the biggest race fan, but I have hung out with buddies and people who love it and I usually end up at a party watching Daytona. It always seemed kind of odd to me that NASCAR basically has its' Super Bowl to start the year. Daytona is without a doubt the biggest race of the year and while it used to seem odd, I kind of like how the beginning of the year starts with a bang.

The other thing I must point out is that every time I have been to a friend's house to watch NASCAR, it's always a fun time. I feel like NASCAR people are the closest to football fans in terms of tailgating and enjoying good food. I have a buddy that used to always have a great Daytona party with tons of snacks and beers. Since I don't really watch the race, I always embrace the atmosphere around the party and race instead. I also think, like any sport, if you hang out with people who actually like the sport you are watching and they can explain what is happening, it is more fun to watch.

Years ago, when I first moved to Seattle I started hanging with a group of people who liked NASCAR and I thought they were crazy, but over time they got me more and more into racing. I also like that generally the races are on Sundays, so it feels a lot like football. So, now that the biggest race of the year is coming up, my question to you, race fans is - Are you prepared? As I write this, I am starting to get excited myself and think about menu options. I wonder if all the food is the same like it is for football. Or is there a specific NASCAR food? What kind of beers do you get? Do NASCAR fans drink mimosas? The race does start early out here for us West coast people. So many questions, but whatever you are doing I hope you are surrounded by friends and having fun. Have a great weekend, race fans and I'll be checking out some on my TV with said mimosas.