Ted's Blog: Dead Zone

February 23, 2017

As far as I'm concerned, this time of year is always the dead zone of the sports year. I can hear you now saying, "But Ted, there is NHL and NBA right now" and you are right. Hell, there's even great college hoops, but my point here is that none of these sports are in their postseason so it's not as exciting. I do understand if you are really into one of those sports you probably care a lot more about regular season games than I do, but for me it's hard to get too fired up about sports I can't watch in person. Look, when the Seattle Sounders FC start their season, (and it is a long one) I can't lie I will miss some games.

The NFL and College Football games are just easy to watch because there are so few of them, but MLS, NBA, NHL and MLB have long seasons and you miss some games. The point I am trying to make is that with the long seasons you might miss a few games and every night is not as important. This is why I call this the dead part of the sports year. I also always think it's a great time of year for MMA fights as no huge games are happening. I am going down to the Emerald Queen Casino Saturday night for Cagesport MMA and can't wait! It is a good time of year to watch fights because you don't have to worry about missing some big match up in other sports. Now, with all this said, soon we will be back into the action as the conference tournaments will start and then after that - boom we are into the NCAA tournament. Also in a month or so, we have the NBA playoffs starting and the NHL playoffs so even though it is what I call the dead time of the year it is still nice to sit back and watch some games. Oh man I almost forgot this weekend is the start of the NASCAR season with the Daytona 500. I will blog about the 500 tomorrow and what I think about it, but either way people will be pumped for that.