Ted's Blog: Evil Duke

March 8, 2017

I have been watching more and more college basketball as we get closer to the NCAA tournament and I still hate Duke. I am a Maryland fan, so growing up in College Park it was pretty easy to learn how to dislike Duke. Let me start by saying that I have full respect for the Duke basketball program and what Coach K has accomplished, but I don't like them. I do think that they get away with some things. Hell, I mean their nickname is the Blue Devils. That's right folks, it is right there in the name. They are the Devil. So as someone who grew up not liking Duke, seeing Grayson Allen kick people and act like a general brat is par for the course.

When it was my time to be a top Duke hater, I remember Shane Battier flopping around the court and getting calls. To me, it has always been part of the Duke program...which is cover up cheap flops and fouls by covering them as hard work. I mean today as Grayson Allen was playing, he got frustrated and slammed a basketball and yelled the F word very loudly and got a technical foul. All year this kid has been committing cheap fouls and people still defend him because he is a Duke guy. If he was on a different team and did this stuff, no commentators would defend him. Look, I have seen him get fouls and suspended, but at what point do we look at that program in some light. I just think sometimes they need to call it what it was - he is a dirty player.