Ted's blog: Giant Red Popsicle

May 18, 2016

    Everyday well almost everyday when I work to work I see a piece of art that people love. The piece of art is photographed often and always people standing with it and even tourist love it. The crazy thing is that the piece is a giant red popsicle on 4th ave. You have probably seen it before when walking to the needle or to my hood Belltown. I am always amazed how much people love that giant popsicle. So it got me thinking about popsicles and I feel like most people say they like popsicles but when is the last time you actually ate one. I got to thinking about this because I would do the same thing and be all like yeah I love popsicles but can't tell the last time I had one. popsicles even as a kid were not the top dog of the ice cream world. I myself was always a fat frog guy because the frogs nose was also a piece of gum. For the best ice cream and if I had the money I would go chip-wich which is a ice cream sandwich with cookies for the top and bottom and chocolate chips around the ice cream itself. Another ice cream I loved as a kid was the chaco taco and I was blown away by the design and everything. Even to this day as a adult I love a ice cream sandwich and the chaco taco, maybe this blog is going off the rails because I am hungry. My point is the giant red popsicle is dope but do we really like popsicles? Summer is around the corner my friends so enjoy some ice cream or maybe even a popsicle.