Ted's Blog: Gonzaga Final Four

March 28, 2017

So, for the first time in the school's history, Gonzaga will be in the final four. This is huge for that school as the program has done well for years, but always fell short of the ultimate goal: the final four. They have spent most of the year at the top of the college world ranked number one in the nation. I do think most of the country has not given Gonzaga the respect they deserve for years simply because they never got over that hump. Now the pressure is on to preform well in the final four and win the national championship, but maybe the pressure is not that bad.

I say that because what Gonzaga has done already is pretty unreal. The last eighteen years that program has transformed the school and the conference. The West Coast Conference has not sent a school to the final four since 1957 and even though Gonzaga as we know it now makes sense, it is still crazy how it happened. I remember being in high school in the last 90's and Gonzaga was the Cinderella story making it to the sweet 16. That is why I am starting to wonder if the pressure at this point is building or maybe the guys are chilling now and ready to win the whole damn thing. I also worry it could be a let down as well since they have already gotten over this giant hurdle if maybe they don't finish it off. The season would still be a monster accomplishment.

The other side is that, small school or not, Gonzaga has been the best team in the land most of the year and so far in the tournament. The team is deep and has both great front and back courts. You can always make the argument that they don't play in a tough conference, but they also won their games and have been the best team in the tournament. I can't lie to you, it is always hard for me to cheer for any school named Gonzaga, as my high school DeMatha Catholic has a rival school in our conference called Gonzaga as well. I do, however live in Washington State and take pride in that, so I might say go Zags this weekend.