Ted's Blog: I still like Fire Trucks

June 7, 2016

    As a kid there are a lot of things you think are cool that as a adult you really don't care about. For me I would say that I still care about a lot of the same things but just don't care as much. I would also say there are a ton of things that I still really like and some things I can't stop no matter how old I am. I bring this up because on Saturday afternoon as I was walking around my neighborhood I saw something I couldn't pass up and that is fire trucks. Now I know I am a 35 year old man and I know some firemen but when I see fire trucks I stare. Hell I live two blocks away from a firehouse but every time I hear a fire truck going by I look and stare. I do it with big trucks as well that work on construction sites, if they are moving some earth I am watching. So on Saturday as I was walking around I see the fire trucks and not just any trucks but vintage trucks. They were super cool so I had to stop and check them out. I was pretty happy to notice the do not climb on fire truck before I just hopped on it. Like I am saying my inner child was going wild and I really wanted to hop on the truck but hey rules are rules. I should also mention that I do the same thing with police cars but somehow over the years of living in the city the police car does not seem as cool as the fire trucks. Shout out to the fire men out there doing their thing and fighting those fires. I should also shout out the EMS guys because my buddy Lance is one and Lance is the man