Ted's blog: This is it

December 9, 2016

    This is it, one game to decide it all. Tomorrow our boys the Seattle Sounders FC take on Toronto FC in the MLS Cup. The MLS Cup is the final game in the season and whoever wins that will be crowned Champion. I have talked about this before but for me and some friends this is a long time coming, we have had tickets from the first season in the MLS. We have all been friends for years now but as my love of the beautiful game started to grow and expand it was these guys that were there. The thing is this, my story is no different then most of you Sounders fans I bet. See everyone that goes to the matches and supports has their own story about why a championship would mean so much to them. From years ago helping to paint some tifo at the stadium  before a playoff match, to giving your all for 90 minutes at a match and enjoying beers after at Temple. All of us have these stories and that is just us the supporters. Players and coaches have story lines as well, heck our coach was the assistant couch just months ago and the team was in last place. This game is going to be a wild one too because it is just one to win it all. As a sports fan I have always felt like a one game to decide something is always fun because anything can happen. You have no reason to save anyone for the next game, you have no reason to be cautious. This is going to fun and big day in Seattle, get in and have some fun. I hope to see coach smiling like this after the match as well. GO SOUNDERS