Ted's Blog: Let the Madness Begin

March 15, 2017

Tomorrow is the beginning of the NCAA tournament, or as some call it, March Madness. Now, in my last blog I talked about some of the great terms and sayings that go along with the NCAA tournament, but today I want to talk about some stories that make the tournament great. I could say a school like Valparaiso and automatically some people think Bryce Drew and that game winning shot. That is the thing, so many of the games and moments stick with you and have an impact when you watch them. Look, I am not sure what ever happened to Drew or his dad, who was the coach, but that is kind of my point; you remember the moment.

Growing up as a Maryland fan, I remember when Maryland won the National Championship in 2002 and all the games that tournament. To me, it was not just watching the games, but I would watch with my cousin Tom and my Dad. They had a couple of Friday games and when I got off work we would head to my Dad's house. I was still a practicing Catholic back then and since it was Lent, we would order a couple cheese pizzas and sodas. I can almost remember what flavor chips we got and one Friday, they beat Kentucky. Kentucky is always a national power, but that year they had a guy who I had gone to high school with at DeMatha so it was extra fun to see Maryland play them. That year everything was great and the pizza was always eaten and delicious.

In other blogs I have talked about how I don't like Duke University, but you are damn right I remember Christian Laettner hitting that shot against Kentucky. Side note: Put a man over the guy inbounding the ball. The tournament will have many great moments and it will be fun to watch. Enjoy!