Ted's Blog- Live Fights

Why I love live fights

May 11, 2016

    Last weekend I was down at the Emerald Queen Casino doing my MCing gig for CageSport MMA.  I have talked about this before but if you have never seen live combat sports you are missing out. Years ago I remember going to my fist live boxing event with some friends and was blown away with how much fun it was. I still like boxing but I would be lying if I did not say I watch more MMA these days. The thing about going to see a live event like boxing or MMA is the crowd is usually made up of a lot of different kinds of people and I love that. My buddy Sol and I joke around about the different people you will meet or see at fights. There is the group who train BJJ with the fighter or just train on their own and love to watch the technical part of small moves that in the long are big moves and allow a choke to be sunk in. Their are some who come and cheer because their buddy is from their town and they are fighting. I should say shout out to Enumclaw for heir support of Justin Harrington and my favorite a guy that goes by the nickname of Mamas Boy. The other type you will run into and maybe my favorite is just the people that legit like watching fights and want to have fun and maybe a couple drinks. I think another thing that is different when you go to the fights is hearing the punches being absorbed. On TV sometimes you see a body shot and it does not look as damaging as a clean headshot but when you hear that fist hit the other person's body you know the pain and damage that it is doing. I also think that when you go to see live fights you get a nice view as there is always some very attractive women in the crowd. I don't know to describe it but when you watch a fight and they ring card girls are doing their thing it is a primal feeling and it's awesome. I always end up coming home from the fights pretty fired up and looking for some fun. I recommend that everyone go check out some live fights and local shows, you never know who the next Champ is going to be...