Ted's Blog: March Hoops

March 10, 2017

This weekend, conference titles will be won and teams will know their fate as the NCAA tournament field will be set. This is always a fun weekend for college hoops since some teams still won't know until Sunday if they are even in the big dance. That's another funny thing about this time of year, it has so many different sayings and terms. We know that it is considered March Madness but also as I just typed in the line before it is also the big dance. Once you get into the tournament it also has a bunch of different names for things. You make it out of the first weekend, you are now in the sweet sixteen. The following round will allow you to go elite and you have now made it into the elite eight. Now if at this point your college team is still in the mix and you survived yet another weekend, you are now in the Final Four. After all those cool names for different rounds calling it just the Championship game almost doesn't seem like enough. Sure the whole goal is to make the championship game, but for me the other rounds just sound a lot cooler.

One of the fun things to do this Sunday will be watching the selection show and seeing the reactions of the teams that are on the bubble..finally find out their fate. Bubble teams are teams who did not win their conference championship for an automatic bid, but have good stats. I think because of the sheer size of the tournament these days, most bubble teams that don't make it really had no shot at winning the title anyhow. Bubble team is yet another great term, like Cinderella story. Cinderella stories are teams who should not be winning against others better teams, but they are and the country as a whole loves a good Cinderella running deep into the tournament. One thing I would be remissed if I did not bring up, would be that besides the actual basketball, there will also be tons of mascots. All kinds of crazy mascots, even some small school ones you have never heard of. I can't wait and the photo above is Sparty from Michigan State, a great mascot!