Ted's blog: MLS Cup

November 29, 2016

    MLS Cup, MLS Cup, MLS Cup I had to say it three times because I almost still can't believe it. For years I have sat in the rain, in the sun and in some beautiful weather to watch the Sounders play. I have traveled down with my friends in the ECS to Portland for matches. I have made friends and relationships I will keep for many years through the match days and the ECS. I can't even start to explain what a big deal this is for so many in Seattle and the Seattle Soccer Community. 

    Let me back up a bit and tell you my journey to this soccer place. When I moved out to Seattle in 2005 I was not only a person who did not like soccer, I hated it. Like most Americans I grew up on baseball and football which I still enjoy to this day. Well I watch less and less baseball every year but still love the sport and respect the athletes. So back to soccer, my buddy Sean and I were eating pizza and watching a college football game waiting for a USA world cup qualifier. Now Sean started explain how important the match was and I kind of blew him off because I did not understand the sport. Sean and I played basketball together for a while and he asked me to come out and try indoor soccer.  So I start playing with Sean and some other buddies and try to learn more.


    As this is all happening I started to watch the English premier League and fell in love with Arsenal FC. So as I started watching soccer and playing it the Sounders jumped up to the MLS level from USL and started going to home matches. My Buddy Ben Dragovon was even the back-up keeper to Keller. Drago would always get me a ticket and I would sit with his parents and his Dad who is a legend himself, explained the small details of the game to me. I then did a podcast with the ECS called the Sweat Shop and they convinced me to go on a away trip with them to Portland. Now riding those buses down to Portland and the match was so much fun. A year later I was a ECS member and Shank it here Café member. From all those moments to just simple times of drinking beers with the boys from the Café, all have led up to a Championship and now it is actually here, CAN'T WAIT