Ted's Blog: My Super Bowl

February 8, 2017

So, Sunday the Super Bowl happened and I missed the whole second half. Now, the story of why I missed it is pretty funny. I had just spent the weekend in the DC/Baltimore area and booked a flight that was not super convenient but had live TV on it so I could watch the Super Bowl. Since I started the day in Baltimore, I also had a three hour layover in Boston that was just about at kick-off time. People were pumped and I was even getting excited myself, even though I had no real rooting interest.

My cousin Pat is a huge Pat's fan so I am getting excited for the game while sitting at the bar in Boston. Now, I get onto the plane and the game is mind blowing, the Atlanta Flacons were giving the Patriots all they can handle. I was honestly watching the first half in disbelief because - how could this happen to the Patriots and especially Tom Brady?! So the first half ends and most of the flight is quiet as the majority were Patriots' fans. Just then, from the skies above..."Is it a plane?" No, it's Lady Gaga! I have no idea what happened after this, our flight path took us into Canada so we lost the TV feed (which was nobody's fault, but), the game and Gaga were gone.

Lucky for me, I was able to watch what can only be described as a poor romantic comedy called Keeping up with the Joneses. It was bad and by now people were a little grumpy about missing the game but then the pilot announced that the New England Patriots had won and people cheered on the plane. So all in all, a pretty interesting day and next year I am spending Super Bowl Sunday on the ground.