Ted's Blog: NBA Playoffs: Game 7

May 16, 2017

One of the great thing in sports is game seven in any playoff series. In football, we get used to the 'one and done' way of things. In the playoffs, you win and advance in the series. In baseball, hockey and basketball though it is always a series and when it comes to a winner-take-all game seven people get pumped. Last night, the NBA had game seven in the Eastern conference between the Washington Wizards taking on the Boston Celtics in Boston. Now, I grew up in the DC area, but I can't sit here and lie to you and tell you I am a big Wizards fan. I still cheer for them and like seeing them do well, but I am not a big NBA guy and never got too caught up in the Wizards when I lived there. Last night though, I was clearly cheering for the Wizards as they took on the Boston Celtics in that game seven. And in what feels like a weekly occurrence now for the poor people of the DC area, another pro franchise lost in the second round of the playoffs. To put this in perspective, in DC no team has made it to a conference final since the summer of 1998. Yes that is right, folks, my junior year in high school was the last time a DC pro team of the big four made the conference finals. 

Boston though, if you are from this area, is not a bad team to root for because of Isaiah Thomas (who is from Tacoma and played his college hoops at The University of Washington). Isaiah Thomas is a stud who scores at will and is the best player on the Boston Celtics. I think a lot of people also really felt for him and what he was going though the past month. His sister passed away tragically in a car crash right before her birthday. This would be tough for anyone to deal with, but to his credit he played and was emotional and went off to the next game. For me, the comment he made that stuck with me the most was after the game when he mentioned that he felt good then, but he leaves the arena he has to deal with what happened.

A lot of people can fight through some things when they stay busy at work and in sports, this is not rare. I remember watching that Monday Night Football game when Bret Favre's father passed away and he threw I think three touchdowns. Sports are emotional as is and sometimes when tragedy strikes some great performances come out. I will say, I'm now cheering for the Celtics, but let's be honest, no team was going to beat Cleveland anyhow. That is the down side of a great series like Boston was just in, it was almost like a 'let's just see who we send to the Cavaliers as a sacrifice'.