Ted's Blog: NFL and NHL All-Stars

January 27, 2017

This is kind of a interesting weekend if you really enjoy All-Star games as the National Football League and the National Hockey League will be having their respective All-Star games. First off, I know that in the NFL it is called the Pro-Bowl but it is still an all-star game. The NHL All-Star game is also on Sunday and I think that it will have a better skills night the day before. I think that the Pro-Bowl is probably the worst of the All-Star games for a bunch of different reasons.

So here is my reasoning as to why I think the NFL Pro-Bowl is the worst. First of all, football is a violent sport and it is hard to play football without hitting people, but in a exhibition game do you really want to be laying dudes out? I don't think so. The NFL is also the only league that holds their all-star game at the end of the year which kind of sucks, but in no way could you do it during the regular season. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if the NFL having an all-star game is even worth it. I will say, I think that it is a great honor to be named in the Pro-Bowl and fun for the fans in attendance; I'm just not sure how it relates to TV viewers. Another thing, outside of the skill position guys, the skills competition is kind of boring. Lineman just throw around some weights, but it is not hitting and as a football fan I want to see linemen busting through the line and hitting.

The NHL All-Star game is pretty exciting because to me the game lends itself to a fun all-star game. Hockey is a sport with hitting as well, but they can also have fun and just play a wide open offensive game. I watch a lot more football than hockey, but I am far more excited for the NHL All-Star game. One thing I love is watching the skills competition the night before and watching guys have the contest where they have guys test how hard they can hit a slap shot. Also, they just straight up have a speed competition on ice. I think that the NHL and NBA have the best skills competition and it makes for a overall better All-Star weekend.