Ted's Blog: NFL Playoffs

January 4, 2017

    This weekend the Seahawks and many other NFL teams play in the first round of the playoffs. NFL playoffs are awesome are like most playoffs of any sort they are awesome. The one and done, win or go home adds such more pressure and tension. The other fun think I think about this playoff game this weekend is that it is a Saturday evening start time. It is almost like a college football game, you can tailgate and have beers and fun time without even having to get up early on Sunday. To me that is a big deal since I always enjoy Saturday college football over NFL since you get to enjoy the day and not have to work in the AM. I respect the NFL fan and there dedication to Sunday tailgates but it just seems like Mondays hurt too much. Either way  Saturday should be a fun day for all Seahawks fans. The other great thing about playoffs is it is simple now, win and advance.



    I am excited for the playoffs but I have to mention that the NFL playoffs also bug me out a little bit because now no more regular season. I say often that I am not the biggest NFL anymore these days but man I love me some Redzone. Part of it is just being an American and football is just part of our culture and Redzone is the best in my mind. There is that comfort of knowing that Scott Hansen is going to be there on Sunday morning to show me the highlights. Scott and I spend a lot of Sunday mornings together and he tell me stats, I enjoy breakfast. It also it just exciting TV if you are a sports fan. So while I am pumped for the playoffs this weekend it comes at the price of knowing college and NFL will be gone soon.