Ted's Blog: NHL Fever

May 9, 2017

This blog is really just to say how fired up I am about the NHL playoffs! And the Washington Capitals have a chance to undo so much pain at the hands of the Pittsburg Penguins. As I have stated in past blogs, when you grow up in the Washington DC area, you kind of get used to the Caps being good but choking in the post-season. The other problem is that all too often the end of their season has come at the hands of the Penguins. DC and Pittsburg don't have a real rivalry in any other sport. Well, maybe baseball now since the Nationals and Pirates are both in the National League, but no real hate other than hockey. I think a big part of why this rivalry took off since is that Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin started being two of the world's best players a few years back. I have an Ovechkin shirt I was wearing once when we stopped at a Sheetz outside of Pittsburg and people had plenty of comments for me. Side note: Sheetz is a gas station, but also so much more than that as you can get subs and all kinds of stuff. I live on the West Coast now, but I'm still on Team Sheetz. The last two years, the Caps have got to this very point and lost to the Penguins to get knocked out of the post season. I can't explain how much this series win would mean to those people in the DC area aka the DMV (for those in the know).  

On one of my last blogs, I went on and on about baseball memories and now I want to share some about the Capitals. The Capitals used to play in Landover, Maryland at a place called the Capital Center and shared this home with the then Washington Bullets. The Capital Center was not nice and, frankly, the teams were not good. I remember it fondly because that was all I knew for hockey in my life. I remember going to a game with my brother Chris and the Caps were playing the Philadelphia Flyers and it got so heated that I was pretty sure a few adults were going to beat us up. I say adults because I was a kid and my brother was a teenager. The point is, the team has never won anything big, the Caps did go to the Stanley Cup finals in 98, but got swept by the Red Wings in four games. The Caps have been suffering for a long time and this game 7 on Wednesday against Pittsburg in DC is a huge one. Win or lose the Caps fans will be talking and series like this are what make the playoffs in the NHL so great. Let's go Caps!