Ted's Blog: NHL Playoffs

April 20, 2017

This past week, the National Hockey League started its post season with the first round of playoffs. I am not a huge hockey guy, but the NHL playoffs are pretty awesome and even if you are not into hockey- start watching some! I just spent the last weekend in Spokane with the world-famous Tacoma Donkey's for a beer league hockey tournament and it helped get my passion for hockey fired up again. The thing about the NHL playoffs is that it has most of what we like. It has hitting like they do in football. It has speed and you set up plays like in basketball and even a guy wearing a glove like in baseball. I do think that hockey players are great athletes in the sense that they are putting out a lot of cardio and still have great hand to eye coordination. The other thing is that their games are fun and fast paced compared to some other major sports. The last reason I'll give you to get into the NHL playoffs is, frankly, just the people of Canada. When you watch hockey, you get to learn different phrases and sports things from our neighbors up North.

Now, I hear you right now saying, "But Ted, I don't have a team to cheer for!" So, as my buddy, Lance would say, "Let's chat about it."

If you don't have a team you cheer for regularly, then maybe just pick a team and go with it. When picking a team, just to stay more interested in playoffs, there are many factors to think about it. First, maybe just pick a team because you know and like a guy on the team. Another thing that gets me into playoffs is a buddy that'S a die hard for another club. I like the Capitals since I am from the DMV, but if they are out, I might cheer for the Kings because my buddy Matt is a massive Kings fan. You also might just like the city! maybe you took a trip to St. Louis once and had a great time, so for this post season you decided to be a Blues fan. I should also mention spite. I have cheered for teams to beat Pittsburg simply out of spite. It's a real thing, folks. Alright, get out there and enjoy some NHL playoffs and remember they give out the best trophy in sports!