Ted's Blog Playoff Push

October 11, 2016

So as we get to this part of the season in the MLS, you are probably looking forward to some Sounders playoff fun, but this year is a bit different.


See, as Seattle Sounders FC fans, the only thing we know on the MLS level is playoffs, as the club has made the playoffs each year they have been in the highest level of soccer in the USA.  While I do believe that we will make the playoffs, it has been a different year and the boys have had to rally just to get close to the chance to make the playoffs.


Let's start by looking at the fact that the Sounders made a coaching change mid season, which tells you just how bad things have gotten. I should start by stating at this point that Sigi Schmid did great things for our club, and he is a great coach, but I also feel it was time for a change. I would have made that change at the end of last year, but then again I am just a sports fan, so maybe I don't know what best. One thing I will tell you is Brian Schmezter knows how to coach and has done a great job for many years, and it is great to see him getting the chance to be a head coach in the MLS.


As a SSFC fan, I do not like the Portland Timbers one bit, and frankly hate to talk about them, but last year they just got into the playoffs and then won the MLS Cup. My point being, Sounders fans, is that with playoffs, anything can happen. The first step is to just get into the playoffs and it will work out from there.