Ted's Blog: Playoff soccer

October 28, 2016

    A playoff game in any sport is fun, it doesn't even have to be your team playoffs are just that fun. Now when it is your team that is playing a playoff game it is awesome. Last night was a playoff game for the Seattle Sounders FC and as a season ticket holder I was pumped. The match was one of those ones were it was not the best performance but a win is a win and they advanced. The first half was scoreless and then most of the second half was no scoring at all either. The pressure was building and the mood was a bit chippy on the pitch. I would also mention at this point that the ECS was in full voice all night and had the stadium rocking and sounding proper. As the game moves along you start getting worried in the stands, what if we lose? What if we give up a soft goal? Maybe overtime is our best chance, then boom. It happens, the Sounders score a goal and go up by one with only a few minutes remain in the game. To say we were pumped about that goal would be a understatement, high fives flew around, we hugged and yelled with passion. I will be honest with you I cursed loudly, I am against cursing in the stands but when that ball went in I lost it a bit. I would like to sit here and tell you the many reason that a goal in a soccer match means so much but honestly a lot of it has to do with being there all the time. The season is a long one and frankly for most of the year it looked like the Sounders were not making the playoffs and we still went to games. That goal last night was not just awesome because of how late it came in the game but also how late it came in the season. Being the best team all year is what you want but watching a team like these Sounders just get in the playoffs then win the first one was awesome. One of the best goals I have seen in person.