Ted's Blog: The Senior Bowl

January 25, 2017

It is that time of year where College Football is done and the NFL has only one game left, The Super Bowl. One thing that is still left is the Senior Bowl which features many top college prospects that you will see playing in the NFL very soon. I have a old friend named Alex and for years we would often watch the Senior Bowl practices that are shown during the week. A lot of people get fired up for the NFL combine that with what will happen here in a month or so, but if you really want to take a look at the talent in a game, the Senior Bowl is for you. At the combine, there are measurables that people love, but for my taste watching a guy workout in shorts and a t-shirt does not equal a good player in the NFL. One quick example would be that Tim Tebow looks great working out and he looks great in workout clothes, but he could not take a snap from under center at the Senior Bowl. In fact, he had a terrible game that would foreshadow his NFL career when he struggled with being an NFL quarterback. The Senior Bowl is different for the college guys as well because they are being coached up all week by NFL personnel and playing by NFL rules. The NFL rules are not crazy different, but small things like having two touch inbounds for a completed catch. But lets be honest, the NFL doesn't seem sure about what is a completed catch these days. Also, as I mentioned earlier in this post, for a few quarterbacks it will just be odd for them to be under center. So, many of the college offenses now run out of shotgun while some college quarterbacks really struggle to get the exchange down. I would say that I am probably most interested to see Donnel Pumphrey from San Diego State. He is an undersized running back that set records and kind of went under the radar. I hope to see him play well against some of the best college football has to offer and he can use this a spring board to the NFL.