Ted's Blog: Sounders Playoffs

November 3, 2016

    So as we head into this weekend we start looking at the sports action ahead, now this time of year is all about NFL but our Seattle Sounders FC are in the playoff's making noise. The Sounders as I have mentioned in a another blog post should not even be in the playoffs but yet here they are in the second round looking great. The first round was one off elimination game and maybe one of the best finishes to a game I have ever seen. The second round is a home and home series with Dallas FC. Home and Home meaning that each team get's a game at their place and total goals wins with away goals weighted more than a home goal. So the first leg of the match up was here in Seattle on Sunday and the Sounders came out in the first half pretty even and at the half it was 0-0. Now when the second half started it was a different game, the Sounders scored a goal and the crowd as I were pumped. The goal was a nice lead up and well done but that was not it as boom, the Sounders put in a second one. Now at this point like most Sounders fans I was happy and thought hey two is great but not on this day. The Sounders a short time later put in a third goal, I was beyond fired up and blown away at the Sounders offense. 

    This week also marked a huge decision and change for the Sounders as they hired Brian Schmetzer to be the permanent head coach. Brian is a Seattle soccer legend as he played for the Sounders right out of high school and has already coached them to titles in the USL days. The thing that is very noticeable to me with him coaching is that the club now has team feel and identity. He probably should have been that coach already but he is now and the team has responded in the way I thought they would with him at the helm. This Sunday is a big match for the club as they can advance to the Western Conference Finals. Up by three goals headed into Dallas is a huge lead but they still have to play well and not blow the lead, they won't. At this point I think they might just go to Dallas put in one away goal and walk out winners of this round. this Sounders train is rolling right now go ahead and just jump on, you don't want to the last person in Seattle to hop on. It's going to a fun November for all SSFC Supporters