Ted's Blog: Sounders Return Home

March 17, 2017

This Sunday, the skies will open and the rain will stop so we can all enjoy this moment, the moment is seeing the MLS Championship banner unveiled at the Century Link field. The Seattle Sounders FC return for their first home game in front the Sounders' faithful. First off, this is a big deal because anytime you get to celebrate a championship it's big, but to celebrate one that you were here for when the team joined the league and now we get to see the first banner. Most teams or franchises were already around and have a history, so you just see the first. Now, I know some people will remind me that the Sounders have had championships in the past and they were born in 74, which I get, but this is the first in the MLS. I know a ton of old time fans that have been around the club and see the past and all the respect to them. There is also a bunch of people like me who have moved to Seattle or maybe weren't even soccer fans before the club jumped up the MLS level. The point I am trying to make here is, that Sunday afternoon will be a special one and I am pumped.

I am also a bit nervous about Sunday honestly too though, I have never been to a game where a team I follow unveils the banner. I am a Maryland fan, but when they won the title I did not go to the game the following year where they had the banner. I grew up a Washington football fan and they won some Super Bowls when I was a kid, but again, never was at the game where they unveiled the banner. What happens after we see the banner? Do we cry? Do we have to cry? Why is that guy crying, does he care more? Do we maybe chug a beer as we see it, maybe just normal cheering and stuff? I don't know is my point, people, but alas these are great problems to have. I will say this, I am not usually the early-to-a-game guy, but you can bet your butt I will be in there early this Sunday. I am also a little worried with Torres out, but that is another conversation. All in all, I am sure that it will be a great day and I can't wait to see a banner for a team I cheer for and our city.