Ted's Blog: Still Watching the NHL Playoffs

May 23, 2017

I am a Washington Capitals fan, as I have blogged about in the past, but with them out of the playoffs I am still watching (and now cheering for) the Nashville Predators. I have decided to start to cheer for them for a few reasons, but number one would have to be: PK Subban. I saw a story on him a few years ago and started to like him and his story. I always though it was cool how his parents immigrated to Canada from the Caribbean and got PK and his siblings into hockey. I mean if you move to Canada, I guess you have to learn to be good at hockey. I also like what the guy is about and how he plays. He is a guy that gets fired up and plays with passion. I like guys that play with passion and maybe dance some. I saw the old guy (AKA the hockey commentator) that got on him for dancing in the pre-game warm-ups. First off, it is a pre-game warm up so what  if the guy can you do if the guy is dancing and he is playing a game? I like guys like PK because it looks like the dude is always having fun on the ice. I also love a good goal celebration in any sport that has goals or, for us here in the states, a good touchdown dance.

So, now you know the player I like watching, but the other great thing about watching the playoffs and Nashville Predators is that arena they play in has been rocking and rolling. The fans down there have been awesome and that has made a crazy tough atmosphere for the opposing teams. Last night, they were giving the other teams a really hard time and they kind of won me over. The goaltender was starting for the Anaheim Ducks in his first playoff game because the starter was out with pulled hamstring. The crowd was not only chanting his name, but also would all yell, "its all your fault" at him when he gave up goals and it was awesome. I also think Pittsburg will get to the Stanley Cup Finals so I don't want to lose to another team in yellow being the Predators. You don't have to be a Predators' fan, but I still recommend you watch the NHL playoffs.