Ted's Blog: Super Bowl Foods

February 1, 2017

I talk about the NFL and I very much enjoy the NFL RedZone on Sunday mornings in the Fall, but I can't say that I am the biggest NFL guy in the world. With that said, I do have to admit that Super Bowl Sunday is basically a national holiday in the U.S I think everyone goes to a party or watches at least some part of the game. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and there will be TV coverage from countries all over the world. (The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, but you get my point.) The Super Bowl is huge and a lot of people are paying attention. Now, one of the great things about the Super Bowl is that it is also one of the last times you really get to enjoy all those comfort foods and snacks that are usually associated with the holidays.

I would ask what your favorite Super Bowl food is, but there are so many good choices. Let's start with the simple stuff. Number one, you got to have chips, man. Chips are the corner stone of any sports-related get together. Chips do so many things for you over the course of a day. For starters, if people bring dips, you have to have chips,man. Also, I suggest getting a selection of different flavored chips for everyone to enjoy. Now that you have sorted out the chips, let's talk about the main course. Now, I prefer food that can be eaten standing up, like chicken wings and pizza. Chicken wings are generally a win and if you show me someone who does not like pizza, I will show you a damn liar.

Also, this is the time when you can go old school with your picks for food too. A couple of years ago, our very own Ryan Castle made some deviled eggs that might have been the best thing at the party. I also think that this might be a day to get the grill fired up. Most BBQ food can be picked up by hand and enjoyed, plus the fun of cooking all day while drinking some beers is always fun in my book. Speaking of beers, you need to grab some beverages. Clearly, beer is a must if you have drinkers in your crew and I would recommend that you get a mixture of beer so that people have options. Most beer drinkers will probably bring their own beers. Now, what about everyone else? A good mix of sodas is a good call. Coke or Pepsi are great options, I am a Sprite fan myself. So, to me those are a must, but also maybe grab some cans of soda waters for non alcohol drinkers. Alright, so you got some easy food ideas and the game is Sunday. More than likely, your team is not playing, so sit back and enjoy some friends, food and a cold beverage.