Ted's Blog: Tailgate Essentials

October 21, 2016

    As with most sports, a tailgate is no different and it is all about the preparation. ​Now when I say preparation you have to think about two big things which are food and beverage. Now first off I will tackle the topic of food as it is a topic close to heart and let's be honest eating food at a tailgate is not only fun but also very crucial to the process . Many options are open to us here when planning a tailgate, the classic grill for some sort of tube shaped meat comes to mind right away with burgers as well. Sometimes though you may be travailing to road game or not have enough time of money to set up your grill so what are your options. Lets start with a classic that most people love and that is bringing a large amount of friend chicken. Now you can always hit up KFC or Popeye's which are consistent but if you want to star at this tailgate find the local fried chicken spot like Ezell's and load up on chicken. I recommend buying extra wings as people love wings at a tailgate. Also though if you can't or don't want chicken the other pre made classic is the party sub. The party sub comes in many sizes but generally three and six foot versions. Also both these choices should be accompanied by plenty of potato chips.


    OK so we covered the easy stuff and now so lets talk about that grill and what are you going to put on it. Now the classic is hot dogs and burgers, shout out to my brothers buddy James who makes the best burger I have ever had. That is the other thing to think about is people love to make food and marinate foods the days before the game so make sure to have plenty of grill space and allow each person to have their time at the grill but space it out. Other then the classics I would also recommend some type of sausage of bratwurst. One of the favorite tailgates for my family would always be when we grilled Italian sausage both mild and hot and then on the other side of the grill you bring a pan a saute peppers and onions. The roll for all this stuff is very important as well. I like a soft roll but some like hard ones so bring a few different ones. 


    So we have covered some food so now lets talk about beverages. You already know you need to have plenty of cold beers on ice and in a great cooler but also you need to think about sodas and juice. See the thing is some people don't drink so you need options for them but also some people will bring their own booze and you will need mixers. I like to have a cooler that is mostly beers but always some random soda and a couple OJ's, I feel like overall OJ is the juice that is most compatible for other liquors. I would also recommend that you bring some juice boxes, kids like to tailgate too man. Now you know what to do this tailgate, get out there and have some fun.