Ted's Blog: UFC and DC

April 11, 2017

So, last weekend was UFC 210 and Daniel Cormier won again and defended his title at Light Heavyweight, but yet people still do not like him. I don't understand why people don't like him. I understand that he got the title after Jon Jones was suspended and some don't see him as the real champion, but how is that his fault? Jon Jones is a beast and a great fighter, but he seems to always get into trouble and gets suspended. Though, for some reason people seem to love Jon Jones over DC. Now the truth is that the one time they did fight, Jon Jones won and I get why people think he is the true champ, but also Jon Jones has not fought in a while and with as long as he has had outside the cage I am not sure his skill level is still there. The last fight Jon had was not the best performance and, while he won, I think it showed a amount of rust from the lay-off. Daniel Cormier does not pass what I would call the eyeball test like Jones. DC looks are not as ripped as other fighters and he does not look like the beast that he is. I am obviously a DC fan, which you can tell, but I swear all the guy does is win. Like I said earlier he did lose the one fight to Jon Jones, but has beaten everyone else in the division that they put in front of him.

The other crazy thing about people not liking Daniel Cormier is that he is a good dude and pretty likable to me, but others disagree. Now as he goes on, he is starting to embrace the villain role so if people don't like him now I can understand a bit better. Jon Jones gets in hit and run car accidents and people still like him. I just feel like in almost any other case DC would be a fan favorite, but just not this one. The other thing is that DC wins and wins a lot. He has won at the heavyweight division and light heavyweight and while his style is not the prettiest, it is effective. Hell, Jon Jones got busted for doing coke and he is still people's choice. My point to all this is that in my opinion Daniel Cormier is a great champ and I can't wait for the re-match with Jones so he can beat Jones and get the respect he deserves.