Ted's blog: UFC title belts

May 4, 2016

    I get to do some really awesome things and meet very cool people in my job here at The Rock. I have met a lot of cool and different people but one of my favorites is meeting fighters. Over the years we have had some big names in and frankly my love of MMA has only been from about when we started having MMA fighters in. If you a MMA fan you would probably recognize the name of Tito Ortiz as being maybe the most famous fighter we ever had on until lately because we have not one but two champions from right here in western Washington. The first champion we had in was Demetrious Johnson aka Mighty Mouse and he is great dude and champion. Mighty Mouse has defended his UFC title eight times in a row which is just a amazing feat and makes him arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Now another fighter we just had on and is a brand new UFC Champion is Miesha Tate. I am a big Tate fan because she used to fight at Cagesport MMA at the EQC and I MC that event, I actually met her and interviewed her in the cage years ago when she was the Strikeforce champion. Once she got into the UFC and started fighting I would always make sure to watch her fights. Hell I even made sure to watch her coach on The Ultimate Fighter even though I not going to mention the coach and her name because you know who it was and she gets enough press. Another awesome thing about Miesha coming into studio was she actually brought in her title belt. Now like any good sports fan if you get the chance you have to check out the belt right? I have held a Seahawks ring as well but something about the title belt is just awesome. I can't wait for these two champions to continue to defend their titles and represent the Pacific Northwest