Ted's Blog: Victory Parade

December 14, 2016

    Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Certainly up there up there on the scale of sports things I have been a part of as I went to watch the Sounders FC victory parade. I have blogged many times over the last few weeks about my love of the Sounders and how I became such a fan. The amazing thing about yesterday was it was the first MLS Cup parade ever for our Sounders. The amount of people that came out for the parade and the rally was awesome and honestly bigger than I expected. The parade started down at Westlake Center and they made their way up 4th ave lead by the mighty sound of the Emerald City Supporters. As the ECS walked by in the front about ten to fifteen of my ECS buddies came running over and it was a awesome feeling. It was just some of the best hugs I have ever had and the love was pouring out of everyone that day. The players were in the open air trolleys and as they came by you could run up and give the players a high five. It was truly one of the best fan interactions I had seen out of a sports team. I should also mention people were having fun and a blast but everyone was well behaved and cool to each other which was also very awesome. As the parade wrapped up the players and fans headed to Seattle Center for the rally.  


    Once I got to the rally the first thing that hit me was the giant banner that just read 2016 MLS Champions, also the amount of people already there was once again impressive. As I stood near the back with my buddy Joe and his son and his Dad the ceremony began with some introductions of politicians and what not. Now after that the sound that every Sounders fan know from the walk out of the players at the home matches with was the beginning of the Boom Boom Clap.  That was so much fun to do there in Seattle Center, in the shadows of Memorial Stadium where the Sounders used to play back in the day. Now after that they announced all the players and we all gleefully cheered their last names like we do at home matches. We the moment finally came to see them raise the cup in persona and the confetti cannons blew I was almost in tears. I knew this moment was coming but after so many years and many disappointments it was breathe taking to watch.  Hearing the players talk, watching some guys dance and Duce just throwing shade at Portland made it all the better. I trust there will be more championships and parades but that was the first one and history. It was cool to see and one of the best times ever, Go Sounders