Ted's Blog: Why I don't like McGregor

November 18, 2016

    So last weekend was UFC 205 and it was a great card but the end of the night was not what I was hoping for as Conor McGregor won his second title. Up and down the card were some great match-ups and we had a group of people to watch it. Along with UFC 205 it was also a Saturday in the fall so we had college football to watch before the fights. I should also mention that it was the start of dip season, meaning that I made my famous sausage dip and my new dip on the market a cold spinach dip inside a bread bowl. In a added bonus we had a outdoor hot tub for post fights. We had decided to also take a swim in Lake Sammamish that night because we are tough guys, more on this later.

    Alright here it is, this is why I don't like Conor McGregor. Look he is a great fighter and it no way can I take anything away from his fights or what he has accomplished. Now what I will take away from him is that he is a pompous ass and talks way too much trash for my liking. The fight he won was true Conor style and he dominated to his credit but all the stuff afterwards is just over the top in my opinion.  The guy is a great fighter but talking trash to everyone in the UFC promotion is not my cup of tea. I do also realize that he is talking all that trash because it sells and he can. I do respect the man as a fighter and business man since he sells all those tickets I just wonder if he was black and not Irishman if people would still love him or would now think he is cocky and a thug. So after the fights we final hit the lake and let me tell you people that the lake was beyond cold. I knew it would be cold but damn it was unreal, every bone in my body said get the hell out of the water. It was a great card and great day of sports and Conor does his job as I will watch his next fight.