Ted's Blog: World Series

October 25, 2016

    As the World Series gets underway this week so people have asked me who should I choose for Ted and my answer is, lets take a look at both teams. Now I should say upfront that I grew up in the DC area as kid (S/O to PG) and DC had no team but we did have WGN and I watched a lot of Cubs as a kid and always liked them. You would be right to assume I was a Baltimore fan as well but once I lived there as a adult I could no longer cheer for their teams as they had some silly idea that there is a actual rivalry between DC and Baltimore. It's silly because DC is much better and even Baltimore people know that. 


    I will start be saying for the defense of the Cleveland Indians that I once upon a time was a bit of Browns fan. I went to elementary school with a kid from Cleveland originally and cheered for the Browns for a few years and learned that it was heartbreaking to be a Cleveland fan. The years I cheered for the Browns I saw the drive and the fumble. I was a Browns fan long enough to feel the terrible pain of teams losing. This year has been different as the Cavs won a NBA title and the current UFC heavyweight champion is also from Cleveland but I just don't know if that helps the baseball. 

    Not only did I grow up watching the Cubs on WGN but also I have been to Wrigley Field twice now and loved it each time. Before you ask gowning up my favorite player's were Jody Davis and Andre Dawson but Jody was my guy. So I am already leaning towards the Cubs and also I think it would awesome for the Cubs fans to see a Championship in their lifetime. I say Cubs fans because the city of Chicago has had plenty of champions and thing to celebrate but I really do think a championship for the Cubs for mean so much to those fans who had been there for years. Also today I found a awesome song about the Cubs and it got me fired up. If you have been reading this blog you know that I love a good fight song of song in general that talks about sports. I am closing by saying that I am cheering for the Cubs and their fans. So Go Cubs