A Trough of Meat and Football, Texas Style!

October 20, 2017

So I went to Dallas, Texas last weekend for the Red River Rivalry which is the annual match up between Texas and Oklahoma. College football is one of my favorite things in the world and I love a good tailgate. Years ago, my brother and I decided that once a year we get together and watch a iconic football game or go to an iconic stadium. We have been to many cites and stadiums all over the country and I have always heard things in Texas are bigger well they were NOT lying.

I should also state that we sometimes we just skip the games and have fun before or after around the games. So, for this one we did not get tickets and it didn't matter. We started Saturday at the Texas State Fair and it did not disappoint one bit. First off, Texas and Oklahoma fans have very attractive fan bases and they're quite friendly. As we head into the fair first we stopped for a Tamale Doughnut and a order of Deep Fried Thanksgiving Dinner. (Cover photo)

Trust me, this food is not for everyday eating, but hey, we were at the fair! The tamale doughnut was much better and frankly, the deep fried Thanksgiving dinner was basically deep fried stuffing. (Don't get me wrong it was good, but the tamale doughnut was just better.) Then we walked around and had a couple beers, chatted up the locals and then hit the king of fair food. What is the king you ask? Well, I will tell you. It was the funnel cake bacon burger and it was great. I would love to sit here and tell you it was too much but it wasn't and we scarfed it down. At this point I should also mention that the three of us, my brother, my buddy Will and I split all this crazy food. If you have ever been to the Texas state fair you know they are known for this crazy stuff and Tiny Tim.

Tickets for the game were pretty damn expensive so around kick off we diced to bail on the fair and head back downtown to meet up with three other buddyies and watch from a bar. We headed down to the Deep Ellum part of Dallas which was pretty cool and funky. We found a bar with air conditioning since it was still 90 degrees in October in Dallas. The game turned out much closer than anyone expected since Texas has not been very good this year (GoTerps) and Oklahoma was ranked, but as in most rivalry games the records did not matter. So we chill out in this bar and watch the game with some very excited fans, it was a good time. After the game, we headed over to the Pecan Lodge for some BBQ. I had always heard Texas had good BBQ and big portions, but holy cow this place was awesome! We ordered something called the trough which was a pound of brisket, a pound of beef ribs, a pound of pork ribs, a half pound of pulled pork and three sausage links. We also added collard greens and mac and cheese. It was honestly some of the best BBQ I have ever had in my life. I would say add Texas vs Oklahoma to your list of games to go visit and if you don't have tickets still go because Texas was a blast. The Sooners won by the way.