The World Cup Does NOT Floweth Over!

October 12, 2017

Sad times indeed for the USA. I am not making any kind of political statement here, but I am talking about how our national team failed to make The World Cup. It is a bad joke and national nightmare that we could not even qualify for our group Concacaf, which is not the most completive group in the world. First of all, it is a massive set back in the growth of the game of soccer in the United States, but also it just sucks as a fan because we don't get to have the fun of cheering on our boys in the World Cup. I have so many fond memories of years past and sitting in a bar watching the World Cup and big moments. Also we have to wait now years to see the Untied States Men's National Team play in a actual competitive game.

Oh sure it will be awesome to watch the USA play tune up games with other countries that are actually going to the World Cup, wait no it won't. I can clearly pick another country to cheer for, but it does not feel the same. I am not against jumping on a bandwagon, but without a team in the WC, I feel like I am being forced to hop on a bandwagon. Another thing that sucks about all this is we will have a generation of players who will miss out on playing in the World Cup in their prime. I should also mention that it is just embarrassing and not OK that we could not qualify. I would go into deep reasons why the United States soccer program is broken, but there are too many. Let's start with many not charging so much for these kids to play on good teams and maybe learn some things from the European countries.

Now, how do I pick a country to cheer for? I could easily cheer for the country that knocked us out of the last two World Cups: Ghana. That is if they make it. The other country I always cheered for was the Netherlands, but they did not make the Cup this year either. Part of me thought maybe I wont watch in 2018, but the hell with that! Why should I miss out on the biggest sporting event in the world because the USMNT can't get their stuff together? I agree with the pundits and all of us should call out USA soccer, call out the players, call out the coaches. Let them and the world know it is unacceptable that the United States is not in the World Cup.