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First Pitches

In this world, you have goals and dreams growing up you wish to one day accomplish. Going to a baseball game and throwing out the first pitch was always a dream of mine. I have yet to get to throw one out at a Major League Baseball game, but have had the honor of throwing out a first pitch at two... Read More

MLB at the Little League World Series

The Little League World Series is a special event and like most kids who grew up playing baseball, I always wanted to play in it. I grew up playing baseball for my school St.Joseph's in Beltsville Maryland, but also grew up playing for my city's little league. Though, our little league program was... Read More

Ted's Blog: Baseball Fights

Over the weekend, people had cook outs and watch baseball because it is Memorial Day weekend and that is what Americans do. My buddy even mentioned to me how listening to baseball on the radio feels super American. I bring all this up because I do feel Memorial Day weekend everyone is into baseball... Read More

Ted's Blog: Cascadia

If you are a American soccer fan, then you know about the intense rivalry between the Seattle Sounders FC and the Portland Timbers. This Saturday, this great rivalry is renewed as the Timbers travel from their fun little town to the big city to take on the current MLS Champions Seattle Sounders FC... Read More

Ted's Blog: Still Watching the NHL Playoffs

I am a Washington Capitals fan, as I have blogged about in the past, but with them out of the playoffs I am still watching (and now cheering for) the Nashville Predators. I have decided to start to cheer for them for a few reasons, but number one would have to be: PK Subban. I saw a story on him a... Read More

Ted's Blog: Chris Cornell

I usually only blog about sports, but today I am going to blog about Chris Cornell. Now, I can sit here and tell you all about the impact this man and the music he made had on people, but today I am simply going to tell my personal story of interaction with the man. See, in my job I am very lucky... Read More

Ted's Blog: NBA Playoffs: Game 7

One of the great thing in sports is game seven in any playoff series. In football, we get used to the 'one and done' way of things. In the playoffs, you win and advance in the series. In baseball, hockey and basketball though it is always a series and when it comes to a winner-take-all game seven... Read More

Ted's Blog: NHL Fever

This blog is really just to say how fired up I am about the NHL playoffs! And the Washington Capitals have a chance to undo so much pain at the hands of the Pittsburg Penguins. As I have stated in past blogs, when you grow up in the Washington DC area, you kind of get used to the Caps being good... Read More

Ted's Blog: NHL Playoffs

This past week, the National Hockey League started its post season with the first round of playoffs. I am not a huge hockey guy, but the NHL playoffs are pretty awesome and even if you are not into hockey- start watching some! I just spent the last weekend in Spokane with the world-famous Tacoma... Read More

Ted's Blog: UFC and DC

So, last weekend was UFC 210 and Daniel Cormier won again and defended his title at Light Heavyweight, but yet people still do not like him. I don't understand why people don't like him. I understand that he got the title after Jon Jones was suspended and some don't see him as the real champion,... Read More