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June 23, 2016



Happy Thursday, bitches.   Big Dummy day and it was one of those days where team 'buzzed' (drunk or high... or both) fared much better than team sober.   With few exceptions, this dynamic proves to be true.   Why is that?


Busy week here.  Been down a man as Mike hawk has been out of town doing whatever Mike Hawks do when they're out of town.


He's back tomorrow.   Tomorrow is already gonna be a weird day.   Ted has to leave early because he's having dinner with Barack Obama... yea, THAT Obama.   Me, I'll be getting in a wee bit late because my daughter graduates... from kindergarten.   Come on.   My daughter is excited, and this is a milestone (I suppose) but a graduation?   If my daughter could remember to flush the damn toilet I'd throw her a celebration!   anyway, that will be my morning.


OK, I've gotta poop.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"


PS. If you like those devil horns that Thee Head Chef is wearing you can get your very own pair at Redfest on Saturday

PPS. You should go