Are You Ready to Start a Cult with Bring Me The Horizon?

The band is set for a new era and a world tour

August 22, 2018
Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon performing live on stage on day 1 at BBC Big Weekend

Press Association SIPA USA Today

After cryptic teasing revealing their plans to start a cult, UK rockers Bring Me The Horizon have returned at full force with new music, album details and a world tour.

The band readied for a new era by hanging up posters inviting fans to join their “cult,” directing them to a phone number that played a distressing message and a website that will have people questioning what the heck you’re Googling. Turns out the BMTH cult just involves great music and some exciting announcements. 

As promised by their posters, “salvation returned” on August 21 with new single, “Mantra.” The song lines up closely with 2015’s That’s The Spirit and sticks to their direction of a gritty yet mainstream band that’s just angry enough at the world to be incredibly relatable. "I need a purpose, I can't keep surfing through this existential misery" croons enigmatic frontman Oli Sykes

Watch the new music video below:

The band also revealed that their upcoming album Amo is due January 11, a date that sits in the middle of their just-announced world tour dates. Click here to pre-order the album and get tour dates here