Trans-Siberian Orchestra 12.31.16

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Blow The Roof Off Key Arena Before the New Years Fireworks in Seattle!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert Review

January 1, 2017

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Key Arena - Seattle 12.31.16 3PM Show
Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia -
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 What a treat it was for Seattle fans of the hard rocking Christmas spirited Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night! On New Years Eve, TSO ended their West Coast touring band (yes they have a East Coast touring band going on at the same time) dates right here in Seattle at the Key Arena. So popular are these shows they have to have 2 usually sold-out shows, one at 3pm and the other at 9pm. We've seen them a few times over these past years but this 3pm show we attended was mind-boggling! Spectacular visually and especially musically is an understatement! Some of the best musicians and singers you'll ever hear or see in your life!
 Before I go into a little bit about the show let me catch you up on a little history and my connection to this band. Before TSO's beginnings in 1996, TSO mastermind Paul O'Neill was writing and producing with one of my all-time favorite heavy metal - rock opera bands Savatage who is lead by the real rock Mozart and the Mountain King Jon Oliva. In 1987 Savatage & Paul O'Neill created what I thought was one of the greatest metal albums of the 80s with "Hall of the Mountain King". The track "Prelude to Madness, Hall of the Mountain King" would be my top guitar riff heavy metal song of the 80s! 9 years later Oliva & O'Neill created Savatage's 1995 Rock Opera album "Dead Winter Dead" which contained (and still is to this day) TSO's biggest and well known hit "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)". Read more of the "Dead Winter Dead" album concept (here) and how Savatage members (now in TSO) took this to another level with Paul O'Neill and engineer/keyboardist Robert Kinkel (here).

So since the debut 1996 album "Christmas Eve and Other Stories", TSO has also released The Christmas Attic (1998), The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (live video) (1999), Beethoven's Last Night (2000), The Lost Christmas Eve (2004), Night Castle (2009), Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) (EP) (2012), Tales of Winter: Selections from the TSO Rock Operas (compilation) (2013) and most recent Letters from the Labyrinth (2015). Buy any of these from their official website: or at Amazon. With over 10 million albums sold, Billboard magazine named TSO as one of the top touring bands of the past decade while TSO have performed to over 100 million people around the world! It's insane to think how far they have come since the early days and now this stage show is like in the 10s of millions of dollars in production! I first shot TSO in the Paramount Theatre way back on 12/13/00!! Look at the next photos of then and now!!!
TSO 12/13/00
TSO 2016
Each year TSO tries to explore new concert show theatrics and this "'The Ghosts of Christmas Eve' - The Best of TSO & More" tour is unbelievable! The greatest rock meets classical theatrical show on earth is a behemoth of a production! Nearly 2.5 hrs worth of material that included (hope I got this all right):

Who I Am
The March of the Kings / Hark the Herald Angels Sing
O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night
Good King Joy
Christmas Dreams
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Savatage cover)
Christmas Canon Rock
What Child Is This?
Music Box Blues
First Snow
Promises to Keep
This Christmas Day
Christmas Jam
A Mad Russian's Christmas
A Last Illusion
Christmas Nights in Blue
Wizards in Winter
Carmina Burana
Madness of Men
Not The Same
The Night Conceives
The Mountain
Find Our Way Home
Requiem (The Fifth)
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Reprise) (Savatage cover)

The pyro, lights, lasers, snow, fog, smoke, fire, stage elevators, moveable lighting rigs and a new twist a fire blasting pyramid diamond set on the arena floor!

There's so many layers to this rock meets Broadway musical show its crazy they fit it all within this 2.5hr timeframe. One thing Stephanie wanted to point out was even though we had fantastic mid-floor seats that the show is more enjoyable up in the side arena seats like we've sat in years past. Reason is the floor is level and sitting while trying to look over and around the person in front of ya is a challenge especially if it's a taller or bigger person. Add if they raise their cell phones to get a pic it blocks your view. I have to agree. We discussed this TSO phenomenon and how people make this a yearly go-to event to attend. One of the points she made was good in that besides all the theatrics the band interacts with the crowd and even at times will be in the crowd running around. People love that. Paul O'Neill has said "The fans own the band" and to this day I don't think he has forgotten that.

Let's face it we could blabber on and on forever on what happened at this show but we'll keep it on a somewhat down low so you can go research yourself on the Interwebs on what your missing each year with this touring hard rock opera circus that comes near your United States town in November/December. Make sure to bookmark and keep up-to-date with their future happenings! Here's a little insight chat video to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra stage show insanity with guitarist/musical director Al Pitrelli (TSO/Savatage/Megadeth/Alice Cooper).
Side Note: The 9pm show, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company/Free fame came out and did two songs with TSO! Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough" and Free's "All Right Now"! Thanks to my fellow concert attending bro Corey Urband for getting some great cell phone video of the amazing moment to share with you all! Happy New Year to you all!!