TSO deliver another epic rocking holiday show at the Key!

Savatage lives on with Trans-Siberian Orchestra

November 27, 2017

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Key Arena 8pm Show - Seattle 11.25.17
Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia - www.Facebook.com/SavoiaPhotographyLive
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 It's that TSO time of the year again in Seattle. The only differance is this year's tour to Seattle started at the beginning instead of the end like last years end-of-tour New Years Eve show {see my last years blog HERE} so it seemed very early this holiday season! Between that show and this year's TSO "The Ghosts of Christmas Eve" and more tour, we had 2 big losses to the TSO family. TSO founder/producer/musician Paul O'Neill {Read} and bassist David Z {Read} both unexpectedly passed away this year. David Z played on the TSO East Tour group. I was lucky enough to have photoed David Z on our Monsters of Rock Cruise last February. Here's one of my last shots of him while playing with fellow TSO (East tour) guitarist Joel Hoekstra's band 13.
 If ya look close enough to my cell phone photo below you'll faintly see in the right middle window with the Christmas tree David Z's bass sitting there in memory on the left side of window sill during the show. 
 Guitarist/Band Director Al Pitrelli gave a nice touching Paul O'Neill tribute speech that included a photo on the big screen showing Paul's iconic sunglasses he always wore and black leather gloves. He dedicated the next song "The Safest Way Into Tomorrow" with Dino Jelusic on vocals. 
 This two and a half hour visual and audio sensory overload is worth every penny you spend to see for any concert on the planet! This 27 song setlist (yes you read that right) included: Time and Distance (The Dash) / Winter Palace / The Lost Christmas Eve / O Come All Ye Faithful-O Holy Night / Good King Joy / Christmas Dreams / Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Savatage cover) / Christmas Canon Rock / What Child Is This? / Music Box Blues / First Snow / Promises to Keep / This Christmas Day / Siberian Sleigh Ride / Christmas Nights in Blue / A Mad Russian's Christmas / For the Sake of Our Brother / Wizards in Winter / Madness of Men / Beethoven / Carmina Burana / The Safest Way Into Tomorrow / The Night Conceives / The Mountain / Find Our Way Home / Requiem (The Fifth) / Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Reprise) (Savatage cover). The West Coast touring group of TSO includes two voices you'll remember for the rest of your life with Chloe Lowery ("Music Box Blues") and Jeff Scott Soto ("Christmas Nights in Blue"). Both are so powerful and amazing with their deliveries, you could listen to them both sing all night and never get bored. One of my favorite parts of the show was when guitarist Angus Clark and violinist Asha Mevlana ran into the crowd and especially Asha running right by me. With Slayer's TM Mike siting in front of me, Stephanie and fellow photographer/reviewer Neil Lim Sang, she stopped on her way back and gave him some quick violin riffage before running back to the stage.
​Anyone that knows me from the 80s metal scene know Savatage are one of my Top 10 favorite bands ever so when TSO play "The Mountain" live (aka Savatage's "Prelude To Madness") I always stand up. Although I wish they'd go right into "Hall of the Mountain King" like Savatage does on album, playing "The Mountain" is pretty spectacular as you'll see from my cell phone video.
Make it a yearly show to get out and see TSO like we have. The response from the crowd when Al Pitrelli asked to hear the 1st timers scream at the 8pm show was impressive and proved the interest in this band keeps growing each year and tour. The first time they played Seattle at the Paramount Theater 12.13.00, I saw and shot that show, its amazing to see how big the stage production is now compared to the beginnings of TSO. See my last years blog HERE for my photo back in '00. Until next year...