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GM ABCs - How to prepare for RPGs

I spend a lot of time running RPG campaigns, and I have even spent some time on the Geek Nation podcast discussing some of my advice and ideas when it comes to making those games fun and easy for myself and my players. But what exactly goes into preparing for my role as Game Master? That's the... Read More

We wait all year for PAX West, here's why!

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX, for short) has been a Seattle-area institution since it debuted in 2004, and has grown into one of the largest conventions in the country. Focusing mainly on video games and emergant video gaming technology, PAX West (or PAX Prime, or even PAX O.G.) has a ton of amazing... Read More

Teaching the Students to become the Masters

I had a request on one of my other videos recently, asking me to explain my process when it comes to teaching people new games. I never really sat down and thought about how I handle teaching before, but I quickly realized that I DO have a set porcedure and I wanted to walk you guys through a "How... Read More

Self-awareness for geeks

I usually try to keep things pretty light with my blog, but something happened to me the other day that I feel like I need to share with everybody I can. Because of an unexpected encounter and the conversation that took place because of it, ​I had the opportunity to take look inside myself and... Read More

Geek in The Windy City

The morning show is heading out of town for a radio convention this week, and it will be my first time ever in Chicago. We're going to be busy most of the time with panels and seminars and interacting with other radio professionals from all over the country, but we will have some time to ourselves... Read More

Remember these Sci-Fi "classics" from the '90s?

We were talking on the show recently about some classic movies that we think everyone should see: The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Jaws, and a handful of others. Despite BJ being involved, there were very few science fiction movies discussed and this got me thinking about some of... Read More

I wanted better money for my game, so I made it myself

I've put a lot of time into getting my Firefly board game to the table for our gaming group. Learning it back to front so I can teach others, buying all of the expansions and extra ships, running down a copy of the full-sized play mat... But I decided that I was really unhappy with the paper money... Read More

There's all kinds of gamers out there!

If you had told me a week ago that I'd be talking with Techno Destructo from GWAR, I would have said "That's crazy!" Even crazier if you said I'd be discussing board games with him, but here we are, and crazy has happened... It was amazing to me just to be talking with the man(his real name is... Read More

New Star Trek animated series? Yes, please!

First of all, I love that picture of my friend Justin & I 'cause it reminds me of just about the best birthday party I've ever had. But that's a story for another day. Today, we're talking Star Trek. Specifically, animated Star Trek. As a true Trekkie, I have seen the existing animated series... Read More

I'll play any kind of Fallout, but this sounds really cool!

Bethesda had a lot to say about Fallout 76 at E3 this week, and I had my geek eyeballs all over it! Let me run down some of the high points for you in this video, and stay tuned for some gameplay vids as soon as I get my grubby little Deathclaw Gauntlets on a copy of it! Video of ep 101: All out... Read More