Geek in The Windy City

August 7, 2018

The morning show is heading out of town for a radio convention this week, and it will be my first time ever in Chicago.

We're going to be busy most of the time with panels and seminars and interacting with other radio professionals from all over the country, but we will have some time to ourselves and I intend to make the most of it!

I wanted to find some interesting and especially geeky things to see and do, so I reached out to the Geek Nationionals and Rockaholics, asking if anyone had any suggestions for what a first-timer should do with himself in Chicago.

I was not disappointed.  Ghost tours, escape rooms, steampunk bars, gaming cafes, these are just a handful of the ideas that I now have to decide between.

My first stop will probably be this place:

The Bonus Round Cafe.  I don't need to tell you that gaming is my number one passion and a place that will let me hang out and game for as long as I want is always a good start, and the menu looks like  elevated bar fare, something I usually enjoy!

Next, I think I might want to check out some of the spookier goings-on in Chicago:

This ghost hunt/scavenger hunt challenge appeals to me on a lot of levels.  First: ghosts and spookiness.  Two of my very favorite things.  Second: scavenger hunt.  It's a big game/puzzle, and I'm all about solving puzzles!  Last: Outside.  Getting to see as much of the city as possible definitely sounds like a great idea, it's my first time seeing ANY of it, so I want to take in all I can.

Then, for afters, I think I might want to do some bowling in a distinctly steampunk environment:

For The Win is a Lucky Strike location, similar in feel to the Lucky Strike in Bellevue, but the decor and vibe is all steampunk.  Many thanks to The Reverend En Fuego for showing me this one!

I'll be reporting form the road, check back for updates on all of the Chicago shenanigans we get up to!

Stay Nerdy!