In Search Of Trivia

February 20, 2018

I love trivia, especially bar trivia and the whole "hanging out in a pub while drinking and testing your knowledge" thing.  But it's a relatively new hobby for me.

When I first arrived in Seattle, one of my buddies took me to his favorite watering hole in Ballard, The Old Pequliar, for trivia night.  He was hosting that week and I was forbidden from observing his process while he was preparing the quiz so that I wouldn't be disqualified from participating.

I had been playing trivia games my whole life, and the idea of sitting in a bar and showing off my mastery of minutiae was an extremely appealing one.

I posted up that night with a handful of my new Seattleite friends and waited for what felt like hours for the festivities to begin.  I was not disappointed!  We did fairly well as a team, but there were dozens of players that evening and we were not able to secure first place.

This only fueled the fires of competition in my soul and I returned the following week with my eyes on the prize (cash, in this instance) and a headful of useless knowledge, ready to show the team called "27b/6" what a true trivia nerd was capable of when tens of dollars are on the line.

In the end, "Kevin Is A Place On Earth" triumphed and the four of us split the winnings and celebrated our victory with beer and Irish Nachos (waffle-cut fries instead of tortilla chips).

That was almost ten years ago, and I've been hunting for the perfect Pub Trivia Night ever since.

I've found quite a few around Seattle and the surrounding areas, from simple, friendly, "write down your answers and hand them to another team for grading" affairs to high-tech, app-enabled, "who can get their answer in the fastest" mayhem, I feel like I've seen it all (and enjoyed most of it).

After moving to Tacoma last year, I am happy to say that, with a little help from The Reverend En Fuego, I've found a great place for trivia and I look forward to making myself feel smart again on a regular basis!

That's all for now, talk to you later!

-Uncle Chris