Too many games? What have I gotten myself into?

November 15, 2017

Here's the thing: I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

The BJ & Migs show has some time off for the holidays this year, and that means that I have some time on my hands, and that usually means gaming.  As my primary hobby, gaming is almost always my number one go-to for any kind of free time and I look forward to any opportunity to play board games.  BJ and I are of similar minds in this department, since he's also a big gamer, and we enjoy a friendly rivalry when it comes to some of our favorites.

That being said, we currently have five gaming marathons planned for our vacation.

Let me be clear.  When I say "marathon", I mean that we'll be spending at least twelve hours each day playing board games.  Actually, board game, singular.

The game we've chosen for most of our sessions is a massive, dense, ultra-strategic space conquest game called "Twilight Imperium".  This beast of a board game involves alien species, galactic conquest, political intrigue, and straight up space battles and takes place over a series of turns that can each take more than an hour to complete.

Even though the thing takes literally all day and involves some extremely heated debates, bribery, subterfuge, and outright double-crossing, it is one of our favorites and we jump at the chance to play.

There are a few other games that we'll be playing, of course.  A zombie/survival horror game called "Dead of Winter" that has players pooling resources and working together to live through a long winter in the zombie apocalypse where everybody might or might not be on the same team.

We'll be playing two games based on our favorite Sci-Fi TV shows, "Star Trek: Ascendancy" and "Firefly: The Game", both of which can be as long as 4-6 hours apiece, but which are also both highly thematic and really give you the feeling that you're in the universe of those shows.

All in all, it should make for some amazing gaming, and I am looking orward to it, but it will mean spending several days' worth of my life battling with the likes of BJ Shea and The Reverend En Fuego...

...wish me luck.