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#TeamCrispy or #TeamFloppy

Yesterday on the show, we had a debate over what the best type of bacon is: Crispy or Floppy. We took it too Twitter, and let's just say that things got a little heated... Now I got it going at work. #TeamFloppy is winning. — Dave Robinson (@pinballslayer) August 16, 2018... Read More

Duff McKagan Wants YOUR Help to Save the Showbox!

Today is a big day Rockaholics! As you've probably heard, The Showbox at the Market is in danger of being demolished, but today the big question is: Can you pack City Hall on Monday, August 13 at 1:30PM? Counsilmember Kshama Sawant’s office put forward an ordinance that will temporarily extend the... Read More

The Many Ways to Celebrate the Pearl Jam Home Shows

Today on the show, we had our good friend of the show Eric Lilavois, who is a producer and co-owner of London Bridge Studios to talk about Pearl Jam’s home shows. For those who don’t know, bands like Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and more! They are... Read More

Bad Ass Bucket List Items

This morning as I got into work, I do what I always do and check out the local news sites. Aside from the usual array of grown up information, I found out that in the fall we are getting something really awesome! Coming soon to Capitol Hill (where the Broadway Castle Adult Megastore used to be), we... Read More

Summer Drinking Songs

We are going to be hitting the 90's again this weekend so that means fun another fun weekend with great friends, tasty grilled food, swimming at the lake or river, and of course, some great drinks! As I’ve been driving, I realized my current playlist had a couple of songs actually singing about... Read More

Questionable Fashion Choices this happened today... Yeah...apparently he's doing this because he's seeing Return of the Living Dead...but...this isn't the first time our boy Uncle Chris has had questionable fashion choices. Umm.... Bro.... What the hell Chris?! To be fair, I'm not one to talk though... So angsty... Read More

Wholesome Memes

If you follow me on Facebook, or have read my previous blogs, you would know that I am THE MEME QUEEN! Nothing else brightens my day then seeing my friends get excited over the meme dump I send them in the morning. If you are familiar with the meme world, you might have heard of the term "wholesome... Read More

Practicing Self Care

One of the things that, as difficult as it is to talk about, I’m glad we are finally discussing this as a society, and that is about mental health. We are finally learning, understanding, and listening to what this issue actually is as well as opening up about our own struggles. There is no reason... Read More

Nerdy TV Shows Coming Out In June

June is going to be busy, between awesome events like #Redfestival, BBQ's, and birthdays, but June also is bringing us a ton of new shows! Now, there are some shows that are already out for you to get a head start on: Cloak and Dagger Video of MARVEL'S CLOAK & DAGGER Official... Read More

Vicky B's Karaoke Playlist

The weekend is finally here and…it’s supposed to be cold and rainy. So instead of going paddle boarding like I had originally planned with my old roommates, my friends and I have been pulling our brains together to figure out to do instead. When I lived in Greenwood (a neighborhood in Seattle),... Read More