October 19, 2018


Today's blog is going to be a little different, because it's going to be a DUEL BLOG! 


What does that mean? It means it will be written by two of us! Both Joey Deez and I wanted to share out experiences with #BangFriday!

In case you didn't hear, we decided to try these new energy drinks that many wrestlers and other athletes have been raving about.

#bangfriday @bangenergy

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The thing is, BJ and myself are not much of caffeine drinkers so we knew this was going to get weird. 


Check out the first hour of the show to see how crazy it got! 




Joey Deez here! If there’s one thing our crazy group of radio friends knows how to do, it’s how to stay caffeinated. But just what do the like to drink? Well BANG of course. But I wanted a more info so I decided to take a quick poll to find out how our show likes to get its energy!


What is your favorite energy drink?

The #1 answer is…….Red Bull! Because it gives you wingzzzzzz, and mixes well with alcohol.

Other notable answers: Rock Star, Monster.


Do you prefer Coffee or Energy Drinks?

COFFEE!!! But mostly because of the two giant coffee machines in the kitchen :)

Danny was the only one who preferred energy drinks but with Chris drinking 3 cups of coffee to start off the morning, maybe he should try something stronger.


Is BJ crazy?

Based on his “stalkerish” look in the background of our video, I’m going with YES.


Anyways….that energy drink is starting to hit me and I THINK I’M FEELING IT! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go do some push-ups


–Joey and Vicky B out! ​