Black Panther Reviews *Spoiler Free*

February 16, 2018

Happy Friday my fellow Geeks! Today is a great day! Why you ask? Because last night Black Panther premiered in theaters!


Although I didn’t get the chance to go check it out, many of my friends did!

These #NerdMisfits worked their butts off today at @espionage_cosmetics HQ. So the @glitterjedi decided that we should definitely reward that kind of hustle with a midnight showing of #BlackPanther tonight. SO FREAKIN EXCITED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! You get your tickets yet?! -- -- #OpeningNight #EspionageCosmetics

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I treaded really carefully to find what people thought without getting any spoilers, and luckily, I was successful! Here are some of the comments from my Facebook peeps! Check them out!





You can also listen to Mark Rahner's review in Special Ops on BJ Shea's Geek Nation:


Have you already seen it too? What did you think?