Board Games to Play During the Holidays

December 8, 2017

Hello there! The holiday break is almost here and I am already planning all the "nothing" I am going to do. 

Lots of comic book reading, shows that need bingeing, and board games to teach the folks so they can play with me.


That got me thinking, what “holiday” board games everyone is looking forward to playing in the next few weeks!



Twilight Imperium

It’s not a holiday game, but since we're on break he finally has the time for this 12 hour game!




Potion Explosion


It's colorful, simple to learn, and perfect for a family night in!



Dead of Winter 

It's based in the winter so that counts as holiday right?



Kill Doctor Lucky and Cards Against Humanity

Always a staple when going to mom's house! 

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What games will you be playing during the holidays?


Until next time, stay nerdy! 

~Vicky B